There's something wrong when AC dealed with following companies. Please pay extra attention when you are going to deal with these companies. And you are wellcome to contact us for detail of the problem with a specific company.

Sunshine 360 Degree Pte Ltd

We confirmed 500pcs speaker with Sunshine 360 Degree Pte Ltd on 2020-09-24 and agreed that we pay 10% deposit and the goods will be sent to Captains HK, the rest of payment will be paid after we invesigate the goods in Captains HK.
We were told that the goods they received from the vendor were fake products on 2020-10-13 and they can't ship such products to us and as a result they promised to give us the refund.
After that, they just made excuses to delay the refund. and for the last few days, there's totally no any response from them.

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